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An introduction to large galvanized ice bucket

Large galvanized ice buckets are widely used for keeping ice and serving drinks. This bucket is a kind of bucket that is different from the normally used bucket in sense of its materials and galvanization process. Galvanized ice buckets are mainly made of food-grade steel materials. The special feature of this bucket is galvanized by both sides zinc or steel coating. The outside coating protects the metal from coercion and rust. We know that iron and other metals get affected by rust when the metal gets a touch of water and oxygen. These types of reactions are very harmful to our health. Buckets are mainly used for keeping water and other liquids. Ice is another form of water. So, Ice should be kept in kinds of buckets that don’t make a chemical reaction or don’t get affected by rust.  People keep ice in these buckets to keep the ice cubes protected from melting. Besides this, large galvanized ice buckets are also used for serving food and drinks. These buckets are very preferable in the case of serving wine. Wine, beer, and other beverage bottles are served with ice in these tubs and buckets to keep those drinks chill. Grand Jetfame Metalwork Manufactory manufactures a wide range of Galvanized Ice buckets for their customers.


large galvanized ice bucket


Uses of Large galvanized ice bucket

  • Large galvanized ice buckets are mainly used for keeping Ice Cubes to protect them from melting.
  • Put wine or beer bottles in the ice bucket to keep the alcoholic drink cool.
  • Large galvanized ice bucket often used as a beverage tub at the bar
  • In big parties and buffets, a Large galvanized ice bucket is used for serving the drinks and keeping those chills.
  • These buckets are also used for different purposes in the home and kitchen when they get old.


Advantages of Grand Jetfame’s Large galvanized ice bucket

  • Galvanized ice buckets are more durable than other ice buckets.
  • Jetfame’s Large galvanized ice bucket has more capacity of holding ice and drinks than other’s buckets in the market.
  • Long-lasting and high-quality manufacturing materials.
  • Manufactured with food-grade steel material.
  • The environment is more friendly than other plastic ice buckets.
  • Recyclable and reusable.


large galvanized ice bucket


About the Grand Jetfame and their other products

Grand Jetfame Metalwork Manufacture started its journey in 1993 from China. The headquarter of the company lies in Jiujiang Town, Nanhai District. This is an economically advanced district of Foshan city. Formerly the company was called Jetfame Metalwork Co., Ltd. The company is one of the renowned and reliable producers of different types of metal products of different categories. The quality of their product is up to the mark and sales are all over the world. Besides the Galvanized Ice Bucket, the company produces

Entertainment Products: Different types of Ice buckets, Tub Bottle Holders, galvanized buckets, etc.

Cleaning & Organizing products: Organizer, Composting & Storage

Fireplace & Barbecue Accessories: Ash Bucket & Coal Hod, Shovel

Pet & Bird Series: Galvanized pet feeder tray, pot, etc

Garden & Lawn: Jug & Vase, Bucket & Pail, Watering Can, Planter Stand, Hanging&Wall Planter, Shovel, Smart Growing, etc.

Kitchen Series: Galvanized tissue holder, etc.

Candle Series: Laser-cut galvanized candle stands.

Decor & Holiday Edition: Different types of galvanized metal presents.

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