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 Metal Flower Pot


Have you ever seen there are plenty of metal hanging flower pots over the doors or on the fences around the yards? People like to take the small pieces home even for the decorations. The ten-color metal flower pots are suitable enough for you to decorate your household. When Grandjetfame’s inner 10-year-old dictates the color palette, and maybe its inner current self as well. The development department decides to design this set of 10-colour metal flower pots in several ways.



flower planter



There is a total of 10 different colors of these sets, which could be told from the name ‘Ten-Color Metal Flower Pot’, but the thing is the color could be customized by your preferences or by your customer's wishes. Besides, we could also do the painting on it and of course your brand logo as well. Grandjetfame ensures that all our metal planters from us are made of durable iron through its experienced manual work and large-scale employees and factory area. GJF has been exporting for over 30 years, so there is no need to worry about the quality and the authority, so GJF could do all the OEM and ODM metalware works, not only the colors but also the pattern designs and the product sizes. The usually seen diameter of this metal hanging flower pot set is from 3.15’’ to 3.94’’ and the height is around 3.94’’. We have two versions with time flies, one is a seal on the bottom, which could be put on some artificial flowers like silk flowers, and decorative plants, and they are mostly used to hang on the balcony, windows, and other indoor areas. The other design has a hole on the bottom, which could be used to raise live plants hanging on railings and anywhere outdoors. Also, there is the bright design of both the two different sets, which is the detachable hook, and this design makes the life of growing flowers easier. If you do not know which ten-color is better, of course, we have the standard choice, which seems to be sold the best on Amazon, for instance, white, blue, green, red, orange, pink, purple, yellow, etc.



flower planter



Besides the ten-color metal flower pot set with a small size, people also like to place some decorations with alive plants at home. At this time, we may recommend the best-seller these days to you, which is the milky white metal jug. It could be used to contain water as the metal jus is leak-proof, and it could be used to organize your small pieces in the house, last but not the least, it could be used to grow flowers or decorate flowers. Don’t you need a beautiful metal planter full of flowers on the wooden table in the dining room, which makes the happy hour during supper time even happier?  Don’t you need a decorator who is always online with yellow artificial faces inside a permanent Snow White metal jug when having brunch with your lover at the beginning of your day? No worries, it is still all good when taking this whole thing on the shelf, in front of the bbq fireplace stuff. Of course, it could be the blooming flowers due to the shining moments they have. They all need fresh water, both the cleaning requirements of the artificial flowers or the drinking wish of the living plants, and also the cleaning needs to brighten the Snow White metal planter, or you could call it a metal jug or metal container as well. In all, to live a better life or a happier relationship, there is a way to go through difficulties, especially when you have a metal planter with gorgeous cute smiling faces inside it.



flower planter



If you want to start your business and are looking for a reliable manufactory, there is no doubt that Grandjetfame with more than 30 years of experience and a good price and quality is the best choice. Please browse the website to find your business chance at www.grandjetfame.com. All in all, email us at cynthia.luo@grandjetfame.com for more information.



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