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How's going? What is the weather like in your city? Obviously, It is a hot summer, and due to global warming, the summer could be hotter and people suffer from it, and at the time when the sun is like a fire burning people on the ground, they might come up with an idea: What about going outside for diving or having a party besides the sea. Of course, you will choose to travel to the beach for vacation, especially with your friends and families. Then dozens of iced drinks and beers are popular among the young. Because the hot weather might make you lose your appetite, you will never refuse the frozen water.

For our metalware manufactory, the iced buckets for summer take up the greatest orders in summer and Grand Jetfame has been devoted to making metalware for more than 30 years, so we are confident in our metal products as the buckets we made have insulated construction and ergonomic quality. Our developing group has talked about the competing products in the market and found ours the best because we could solve several problems people will have in daily life. First of all the quality may cause a larger issue when lifting up the whole bucket full of ice cubes and frozen drinks. Since this problem comes first, we strongly recommend buying ice buckets made of metal instead of plastic. As we all know that plastic material is not environmental, which means the world is gonna be worse of unrecyclable plasticware. So as one of the parts of the earth, human beings should have the sense to live low-carbon life, which means metal products are safe and suitable for daily use.

Grand Jetfame accepts not only the customers directly from the wholesales but also the intermediary business. With several years of cooperation, GJF definitely has the acknowledged aspects, so there are lots of trading companies coming to us as well. These days, we have a quotation from Ningbo Trading Company. They have the orders from the USA, and they come for a metal ice bucket with a specific design. The trading company had the data and the colors from people in the USA, and they wanted to do the bucket made of aluminum, which could be done as well. Afterward, they said metal could be better no matter the price or the texture are both more suitable. Then confirm the size and the mass, we did the sample and mailed it to the trading company. Actually, they first gave us the standard 600 grams, but when we finished it and then found that the best way of doing it with good quality will be 853 grams per metal bucket. So we still sent it to them, after receiving the products, they think it is good to just be it, and the new quoted price generates.


So people who have inquiries do the same way. If you have the finished products for sample, we could OEM it for you, also if you want to change something for making the products better, of course, we offer this service as well. We will send the new sample to you for a second decision. What if you just have an idea, and there is no worry about it because we will have you make your idea come true.


We sending the new sample to the trading company, and then the customers think the color could have some changes. Due to thousands of samples we have already made, we could have the color really seen by customers, but not only on the color card. We have the condition to make a comparison between two similar colors, so even the little differences could be found by eyes if there are two objects with a small difference in color in the products.



After deciding the colors and the shape of the bucket, we have to make sure other details are perfect, for example, two grips at the side have to be sturdy, and the galvanized results should be no conflicts. In order to fit the red inside, and the red background below the white characters, we both choose the light one as the final color. After determining all of these, customers are satisfied with our service and handling of the products, they decided to order 2000 pieces of these metal ice buckets. We have already arranged it in the workshop.


People all around the world are welcome to talk with us and if you have any ideas about your products, do not hesitate to contact us for making your dream products come true. Grand Jetfame Metalwork Manufactory has professional teams and developing people for research. If you want a worthy company for your products, GJF is one of the best choices. Our manufactory takes 30 thousand square meters and includes more 200 employees, which is on a large scale. We are able to do almost everything made of metal, especially metal buckets. If you want to look at the products we produce, take a look at www.grandjetfame.com, or directly contact us by mailing cynthia.luo@grandjetfame.com. Your recognition is our large motivation.

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