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How Does This Metal Box Use?

This is a great design for your used razor blade disposal. Of course, it could also be stored in recycled metal, aluminum, or perhaps depleted uranium. However, it is perfect for dangerous used blades indeed. The world now is in danger with the fragile ecology, so it is the responsibility of human beings to protect the environment. The metal box for recycling used safety razor is a remarkable design.


What Are The Advantages?

At first glance of this metal matt black box, you will find the classic style impress you. It is a rectangle stylish box with a slot on the top, and the front is the character of the brand name. It is standard, normal, but a gorgeous accessory with your shaving supplies in the bathroom or medicine cabinet in your house to keep the blades from causing a hazard in the garbage, which is the greatest advantage of it.


Women, do not use shaving tools, but they are usually the people who clean the house or collect the rubbish in the garbage, so it is easy to cut hands. Taking this into consideration, this practical and highly cost-effective stuff is necessary. This small metal box is made of galvanized steel with powder coating, which is durable for long time use. Besides, each case can contain up to 300 blades, which means, that if you change your used blades every day, you could keep this box for one year. However, another great design is the removable bottom, which is tightened with the case, so you might not easily take the bottom off for safety, but if you really need to clean the case, you could take it off, which is an alternative design for longer use than one year. Finally, you just need to drop this whole box into the recycle bin. Last but not the least, no more forking over huge bucks for razor cartridges and the reduced waste, it is a cheap accessory and everybody is affordable.


Reorder it Every Year

By selling data, this metal box for safety blades is popular among people in the USA, and also in Europe. So the customers are stable and will come back for certain. Grand Jetfame Metalwork Manufactory receives this order every year. The wholesalers will be back twice a year for reordering a great amount, which indicates the audience is very wide. The great aspect of selling this product is that the metal box is small and light. The whole metal container with an independent package weighs only around 30 grams. Besides, 400 metal containers could be placed in one carton.


If you have any ideas for selling something useful, stylish, and durable, you could email me for product selection at cynthia.luo@grandjetfame.com We are an experienced exporter for over 30 years, so wholesalers always have better ideas about their business after discussion with us. Besides, if you follow the rules of our MOQ, some are 500 and some are 1000 for different-size products, we could do the prints or cut for your brand name and logo. Grand Jetfame Metalwork Manufactory will give you the best results through our one-stop service so that you could take the products back for selling immediately without any processing. So do not hesitate to browse the website www.grandjetfame.com and contact us for cooperation. 


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