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If you do not feel free often, but you want a nice decoration, you could try this automatic watering system machine. This is good for all kinds of plants no matter on the wall, or in the garden. You could leave these plants alone with this automatic watering system machine.


People like to make a whole flower wall at home or in the backyard for a good view. Besides, they also enjoy welcoming their friends with the whole flower wall in the front yard. This view of beautiful flowers makes others' days. To achieve this, taking care of the whole flower wall is necessary. What about just buying the automatic watering machine, and the watering machine is a perfect small watering system. You can totally trust this machine, although it is small, and it has not had that many buttons, which is easy for using. With is a good helper, you could also feel free to make a larger metal planters wall with flowers. You could even leave yours for several days, which means you could have a relaxing break for your holiday. Enjoying your time at this time without worrying about your plants.




About the sPlant’s automatic watering system machine:

The machine is small but easy to use, which only has three buttons of all-in-one accessories. You may want to ask how this device works. This machine can set an easy-customized watering cycle on the plants. To take care of your plants, there are just 4 steps to set up and make them work properly. Firstly, design the route your loops will go through, which should cover and water all the plants inside the metal planters. Importantly, make sure to organize the T-connectors wisely. Secondly, measure the distance between your plants and your device to cut the pipes into suitable sizes, and remember to install the outlet pipe with a drippier to the pump. Then, install an inlet pipe with its filter to the pump. Lastly, remember to insert the 4 AA batteries or connect the 5V USB cable to ensure the opening of the machine.   





What is it good for?

The advantage of this automatic watering machine is more water-saving than the usual aerosols of sprayers. It could even save nearly 70% of water. Besides, the time cycle of the watering setting is going to preserve inside the inner memory automatically. With this method, your plants will never be ignored.

This device is good for people of all years, as it is convenient. The automatic watering system device has been on the market for a long time, so there are some positive reviews. For example, a customer in the United States commented this product worked well, as the pump performed as described and the device he bought was easy to set up and operate. As continued by the manufacturer, siphoning could be a problem with certain piping configurations, which is exactly what our manufactory wants customers to be careful of. Avoid Siphon is necessary, so your water source must be lower than the pump. Otherwise, this could cause an issue.

Another advantage of this automatic watering device is the power, as only one of them could water up to 15 plants. Firstly, it could solve the problem of an insufficient supply of water. Besides, when there are some plants hanging in a high position, we will not need to take these planters down to water them, and we just need to use the small automatic watering machine to solve the problem of water supply pressure. By the way, if there are plants placed at different heights, one watering device could solve the issue as well.





Of all these advantages, don’t you think you need one of them at home? People who want to sell products for homes and gardens are recommended to make this device for wholesale. Grandjetfame Metalware Manufactory has this product, and buyers could contact this manufactory at the email: cynthia.luo@grandjetfame.com Besides, you could browse our official website at www.grandjetfame.com. We have been exporting metalware and products for home and garden for more than 30 years, which could be totally convinced.


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