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GJF believes in sustainable and environmental metalware production. People are asked to stop using unsustainable materials like plastics especially but are recommended to use recyclable production, which means changing your plastic planters into a metal planters, using metal fireplace accessories and metal ice buckets instead of your unsafe plastic or wooden products.


100% Grandjetfame manufacturing scrap and even the product itself could be returned to be recycled and converted into a new steel product if you want. We all know that plastic products could not promise the recyclable requirement, so Grand Jetfame is moving towards zero plastic of any products made, the technique we have could make some painting like screen-painting, and we could also surround the rope to make it seem to be farmhouse style products. You could take a look at our website, which includes wooden handles for most of the metal buckets, while some of them are made of metal handles due to the overall coordination. This kind of design is better for not only the safe and environmental problems but also the comfortable holding with ergonomic design. Besides, the most important question to consider is the quality, Grandjetfame is a large-scale manufactory with hundreds of employees and several machine lines with experienced workers. There are no worries about the durable quality, as Grandjetfame is reliable to make it come true and finish it more beautiful.

metal sheet

Grandjetfame hopes that every customer is happy and enjoys the free time to treat themselves and their family members. GJF is confident with the products we make, and the wholesalers are always happy with their choices of collaborating with GJF so we are here together to transfer happiness to customers in the market. Besides, buying metal products from Grandjetfame for yourself at home or treating it as a great gift for family, friends, or teachers. The small-size product could decorate their houses and the larger metal tubs, you could make full of their favorite stuff, for example, spa products. So this metal tub helps keep the bathroom clean and tidy with supplies inside the room organized and stored. This tub could be also used as a metal planter. There are so many ways to relax and organize with Grandjetfame galvanized steel tubs and buckets.

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As for the production, Grandjetfame uses steel with the most suitable weight for the product you need. The iron sheets are rolled into the shape of rolling paper, and Grandjetfame cuts the iron paper into the calculated sheet and then uses the crimping machine, stamping machine, and sander to build the shape you need. Redecker is a historical manufacturer who has made the brushes since 1935. This brand is reformed several times with the three words in themes of natural, beautiful, and practical, which is a similar concept to GJF. These are the brand-making brushes in the bathroom. They come to us for cooperation to do a set of bathroom products. We place high values on our products, which are practical and ecological. The reason why Redecker chooses to work with us is that they share the same concepts with us on the materials chosen. Natural and sustainable raw materials are the most essential aspects when selling products so that they find us and order the metal buckets inside the bathroom and selling together with the brushes Redecker produces. Grandjetfame and Redecker make our products with the ingredients of sustainability, calm and good craftsmanship.

metal bucket

metal bucket


Grandjetfame promises to the wholesalers and customers all over the world that we are serious to make the metalware products with competent regulation so that GJF could make sure that customers are satisfied with the manufactory they choose. So if you are busy finding the dealers to start your business and sell to people all over the world, please come to talk with GJF, and we are pleased if you could place an order. So you could enjoy the time browsing the official website www.grandjetfame.com and send your requirement by emailing cynthia.luo@grandjetfame.com.



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