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When it comes to our living and work environments, we want them to look aesthetically pleasing. For this purpose, various products are used. From simple paintings and wallpapers to customized plants and vases, each has a unique appeal. Interestingly, archeologists have found that vases have been commonly used since ancient times. Therefore, it is not surprising that various types of vintage vases remain to be a popular choice even today. Among these, vintage metal vases are growing increasingly popular.

vintage metal vases

Here are some of the most popular uses of vintage metal vases for your home:

Indoor Vintage Metal Vases for Homes

A vase is one of the most popular decorative home items. Due to the various sizes and types, everyone can choose a vase that best suits their needs. However, those who prefer an aesthetic look generally go for vintage metal vases for their homes.

Small Indoors Vintage Vases

The uses for vintage vases are practically endless. A smaller size vase can be placed anywhere in the bedroom. Most common choices seem to be side tables or the study table where a small sized vase with some colorful flowers gives a very appealing look.

Large Indoors Vintage Vases

For large size vintage metal vases, the main entrance and lounge area are popular choices. This way, they would instantly get noticed by any visiting guest. Moreover, they speak volumes about the refined taste of the home owner. Therefore, it is not surprising that these large size vases are often complemented. Moreover, these vases generally do not require any flowers although artificial flowers may be used.

vintage metal vases

Mixed Outdoors Vintage Vases

If you have an open balcony, or even better – if you have an open garden, then a varying size range of vintage metal vases can be used. Mostly, you’d be planting natural flowers in these vases; therefore few large sized vases would go really well with a higher number of small sized vases.

For further beautification of these vases, you can add a layer of different pebbles and decorative stones on top of the mud. This not only gives an appealing look, but also has some additional benefits like easy absorption of water, and prevention of dust through wind. Vintage metal jug flowers vase could be a very good choice for this purpose.

Another important thing to consider here is that daily watering of plants, as well as humid/ rainy climate may make ordinary metal vases prone to premature corrosion and rust. This not only ruins the entire look of the vase, but the rust may also be harmful for your plants. Therefore, it is always important to buy galvanized metal vases as the additional protective layer of zinc would keep it safe and long lasting.

Based upon these simple ideas, you can easily beautify your home while staying within your budget. However, to make sure that your investment is long lasting, it is always better to buy your vase from a reliable and certified vase manufacturer. Ideally, it is best to find products a manufacturer which has local and international quality control certifications. After all, we all want best for our homes.

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