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When you're cooking, you need something that can be used to store the ingredients or waste materials. Your kitchen is a place where you spend most of your time, and it's important to have a comfortable place to work in. A square ash bucket is one of the most useful things for the kitchen.

It helps you to keep all the things organized in one place, and it is also easy to clean up after using it. Our squire ash bucket has a lid that comes with it which makes it easier for you to close off the bucket when not using it anymore.


square ash bucket


Uses of squire ash bucket

A squire ash bucket is a simple tool that can make people's life easier. It's a bucket with a squire shape for ashes, and it's used to collect the ashes from the fireplace. If you're wondering why you'd need an ash bucket when your fireplace is just a hole in the wall and there's no way to put ashes in there, then we've got some good news for you. The ash bucket is very useful!

Indeed, most people don't use their fireplaces because they think it's too hard to get rid of the ashes. But there are several reasons why you should be using an ash bucket instead of just leaving them on the ground.

The squire ash bucket is a simple device that can be used for many different things. You can use it as a wastebasket, but it's also an effective tool for cleaning off counters and walls when you're cooking or preparing food. You can also use it to catch grease drippings from frying pans and other cooking surfaces.


Advantages of using our squire ash bucket


Our squire ash bucket comes with a hinged lid:

Our squire ash bucket comes with a hinged lid that opens up, so you can easily dump your ashes. We love our buckets, and we know you will too. We've been making these for years, and we think they're the most reliable way to get rid of your unwanted ashes.

The lid is hinged, so when it's time to ditch the remains of your last fire pit or barbecue, just open up the lid and dump it right into the bucket. You will be able to do this without spilling a single bit of ash on yourself or your clothes, it's simple, effective, and fast!



Our squire ash bucket is made of galvanized metal:

This ash bucket is made of galvanized steel—the same stuff that makes up your garden tools and the steel beams in your house. Galvanized steel is a good material that can be used for making buckets because it is durable and will not rust easily. It's powder coated to protect it from rust, and that's the good news! The bad news is that this means you'll need to clean it periodically to keep it looking its best.



We provide customization of our ash bucket

We provide customization of our squire ash bucket, which is available in various sizes and colors.

Our range includes:

  • Logo: Your logo can be placed on the bucket or can be left blank as per your requirements.
  • Product size: We offer a wide range of product sizes from small to large, so you'll be able to find a bucket that fits your needs.
  • Graphic: Your logo can be turned into an image for our graphic option, which is perfect for when you want to display more than one logo at once.
  • Color: You can choose from multiple colors for your design if you want something that pops up against the background color of your bucket.



Blog Conclusion

Grand Jetfame has been making square ash buckets since 1993, and we are dedicated to offering quality products at great prices. We use only the highest-quality materials and employ highly-trained artisans who are devoted to providing the best possible customer experience. Plus, we are located in Jiujiang Town which gives us more benefits to supply our products faster and easier.

Whether you're looking for an ash bucket to use as a decorative piece or one that you need to transport ashes from one place to another, Grand Jetfame has something for you. We also carry a wide variety of other products such as Oval Metal Tubs, Shovel Buckets, Ash Bucket Boxes, and other equipment specifically designed for dealing with ashes. If you're interested in buying an ash bucket from Grand Jetfame then contact us today!

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