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The house, is the place where every family lives, before moving into a new house, the owner will imagine its beautiful appearance in his mind, frantically flip through the photos in the magazine of major household furniture brands, and want to buy it home after collecting. And inside these houses, the flowers and plants make them vibrant and vigorous, but the room space and funds are limited, if you want to make the dry flower plants become modern and fashionable, it is enough to choose the right flower stand, and metal planters could also be nice decorations.


Multifunctional shelf —— Metal Pegboard cabinet

The cabinet is not the normal one that you have. This is the new-designed and is popular among the young, who like having fun and working in the study room. The metal pegboard shelf could be placed in the study room. The metal pegboard could be also put anywhere in the house actually. People enjoy decorating their houses, and it is perfect to use the metal shelf to store stuff. The metal multi-functional shelf can place your beloved decorations, daily cups, kettles, chargers, etc, and you could also put the flowers and the greens you like over there. Because it combines appearance and strength, it is often placed in the corner of the living room.



Hanging flower pot



Besides, the practicality of multi-layer shelves is very strong, the shelf is like a metal wall, and in front of it, there could be a desk, and with some books, finished paintings, and green plants after staggered placement, instantly there is a comfortable private secret space for yourself.


Hanging flower pot


The metal hanging trellis is mostly hung on the wall, and railing, taking advantage of the sense of space, so that beauty and practicality kill two birds with one stone. This kind of metal hanging wall flower stand has a very rural atmosphere, but it is recommended that the hanging flowers are small, like green roses, hanging orchids, etc. The design is very useful to save space if you want to plant some greens, and also the metal hanging planters make the wall not that empty. Besides, if the metal planters are placed in the corner of the restaurant, under the night and the restaurant lighting, it adds a lot of warmth to your home.



flower pot



No matter what kind of metal trellis, they should be the most commonly used in the home, and compared to other materials of planters, metal planters are of a great number of styles. According to daily use, it can be divided into Nordic simple iron planters, European pastoral iron planters, American country-style iron art, etc. Of these styles, the Nordic simple style is the most popular among young people, as it boldly uses black, white, and gray as the main color, and uses gold, and rose gold as the common colors. Since these colors and iron are very matching, it often makes us entangled, and we do not know which one to choose.



flower pot



Gradjetfame Metalware Manufactory designs one of the most popular metal planters in the market. Blue and indigo make the metal planter special, and the showy color is the most characteristic among other metal planters. The shape is like a watering can, so customers always buy it for double uses. Thinking of that, in Spring, you use the blue planter to grow the plants you like and put your flowers on the kitchen table in the dining room. During dinner time, you could enjoy a gorgeous time with your family. If you have no ideas what plants you plant, you could also use the metal containers to water other plants in your garden, which means you buy one metal container, and you could get two products. Besides, the ornamental value is also important, as it offers emotional value for you. So for some buyers of wholesale companies, you might like to choose some products that have better values. Grandjetfame welcomes purchasers to work with us, as we have several years of exporting experience with metalware. Grandjetfame could do almost everything made from iron.



In fact, we only need to spend some time while you are free and buying the metal buckets to plant some greens to take care of your house. Grandjetfame Metalware Manufactory helps customers make their houses the places with feelings, warm, artistic, and fashionable with nicely designed metal planters. If you want to see what kind of products are suitable for you, you could browse our official website at www.grandjetfame.com, or you could email us for more details at cynthia.luo@grandjetfame.com 

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