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OEM business

Focus on providing customers with OEM manufacturing services. to create customized and focused solutions

Cutting Section

  • First, we select the appropriate material such as galvanized metal sheet according to the requirements, and then operate the cutting machine
  • If we need some bent metal plates, we have to set the parameters and assign automatic shape cutters to the different shapes of iron plates needed
  • If we need metal plates with holes or special patterns, we will use an automatic laser cutting machine.

Stamping & Punching Workshop

Bending Machine

Assembling Section

Powder Coating & Heating Production Line

Surface Treatment

Quality inspection

  • In fact, we have inspections at every step of the production line. We are well aware that even if a small error occurs in the process, the final product will have a negative impact.
  • Of course, we have a comprehensive warehousing inspection.

Large warehouse

  • We have a large production warehouse, so there is no need to worry about the storage of goods. We usually store the packaged products on the second floor or higher, so there will be no weather accidents.

Ship to port

  • We are responsible for contacting and loading the truck. We use conveyor belts to transport goods and handle technical protection measures.

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