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After a year of home quarantine, people are likely to stay at home to operate some indoor activities. There exists more and more green fingers at the same time they study and work from home. Also more and more consumers tend to think of the outer space like balcony, patio in backyard and forecourt as an extension of their home space.


They devote themselves into the decoration of it, and consumers are willing to pay for a more comfortable environment. Thus their desires are filled with all kinds of decoration and plants. According to a retailer Heal’s survey, around 40% of their customers indicated that outer space could help them escape from reality. There is also a report from Jack Dunckley, a garden design company in British, sales of seeds and plants will keep increasing based on the substantial rise of last year. This suggests that last year's investment boom in horticulture will continue until 2022.    

In addition to the simple integrating of  "indoor-outdoor Spaces",  the lockdown has prompted consumers to create garden space that mimics interior design styles, with unique living areas, relaxing spaces, entertainment areas, and even baths and spa-like facilities. In decorative design, people are looking for natural-looking products that blending into the outdoor environment and reflecting current trends in interior design, including the use of materials such as rattan, wood and linen. 

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