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Metal Trash Can Bucket Decorative Garbage Waste Basket With Lid Desktop Rubbish Bin

Quick Details
Product Name Rubbish bin
Dimension T:17.2, B:15.7, H:24.5cm
Color Green / Customization
Material Galvanized Metal
Finish Powder Coated
Usage Home
Price Range US $1.8~3
Certificate BSCI/ISO9001
Approxi Delivery Time 15-20 Days
  • OEM & ODM
  • Customization:
  • Logo, Graphic, Packing, Product Size, Carton Size, etc

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【Mini Metal Garbage Can With Lid】- This mini metal garbage can with a lid is perfect for keeping your space clean and organized. Made from high-quality metal, it is durable and resistant to damage, deformation, and fading. Its smooth surface and excellent cost performance make it a reliable and long-lasting choice. Suitable for home, office, and kitchen use, it efficiently collects and stores desktop trash while taking up minimal space.

【Metal Trash Can】- Keep your countertop neat and tidy with this stylish and functional metal trash can. Whether at home, in the office, or in the kitchen, it provides a convenient solution for disposing of waste and maintaining cleanliness. Its compact size ensures it won't occupy excessive space while offering efficient waste management.



Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
Brand Name:
Grand Jetfame/By Customer Requests
Model Number:
Metal Trash Can Bucket Decorative Garbage Waste Basket with Lid Desktop Rubbish Bin

【Tiny Garbage Can】- Measuring approximately 24x23x26cm, this compact and lightweight trash can is a versatile addition to any setting. Whether used in offices, homes, schools, or other environments, it effectively collects and contains rubbish without taking up much space.

【Mini Trash Can】- This meticulously crafted trash can not only serves its primary purpose but also doubles as a storage container for small items. Its sturdy structure and creative design make it suitable for holding various objects. Perfect for desktops, tabletops, and countertops in homes, offices, dorms, and more, it adds a touch of practicality and style.

【Desktop Trash Can】- Add a touch of charm and functionality to your space with this mini desktop trash can. Its appealing retro style, coupled with the lid design, offers easy and convenient waste disposal. Additionally, it can serve as a trendy flower pot, blending seamlessly with modern decor styles in households and offices.

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