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Why choose a metal pegboard cabinet?


At the end of 2021, people in the research and development group put forward the idea of exporting the set of a metal cabinet together with the metal organizer basket, metal hooks, and some metal panels. The reason why is the metal pegboard is popular in China for people who sit around their gaming table all day because of the covid-19. So our people in the company think that it might be a trend for others all around the world. However, this cabinet behind a computer desk or a gaming table is not a good structure for sending abroad by taking too much space. So they had meeting days and nights and drew some drafts, trying to solve the dismounting and assembling problems and utilizing the maximum space of packing to save customers’ expense of sea freight.


We focused on the study room or a gaming room at first, so we found a brand in China that is professional in selling gaming tables for e-sports people or just leisure time in front of this desk. We agreed with each other that the metal pegboard cabinets would be a perfect idea behind this desk, no matter if the shelf is for books or for organizing and collecting objects. We designed the two ways of using this metalware furniture: wall pegboards and pegboard shelves.


What is the ADVANTAGE of this pegboard?


First, this is good-looking metal furniture, and you could feel the pleasure physically and mentally by tidying up your home. There are some display stands, metal baskets, metal hooks for your electrical cables, phone chargers, earphone cables, etc. Besides, it is good for storage and decorative display for your lovely models, handcrafts in the entryway, bathroom, playroom, and any other places in your home and office. You could use it as a planter shelf as well in your garden, backyard, or even on your balcony. Anyway, this will be a gorgeous design for convenience and a display shelf. Last but not the least, the instructions are clear and easy to understand, and the metal pegboard cabinet is very sturdy and strong for holding heavy stuff.


The most DIFFICULT process is?


Actually, nobody has ever thought of exporting this kind of furniture on Amazon, Wayfair, eBay, etc before, so the shelf is the most challenging thing for us to research and develop because of the transport problem. We should develop it from the tools to the packing process. We bought a new machine for it and tried to make the first pegboard cabinet for the market. Although there were some issues on the first three tries of load-bearing of this shelf, we finally made it. After six-month hard work and preparation, the metal pegboard cabinets meet the market, and now they are on their way on the ship.


Could I SCREEN-PRINT my logo and name on it?


This set with pegboard cabinets, metal tool accessories, hooks, baskets, racks for a computer desk, gaming table is pretty complete, and the package is specially designed for customers so that you can sell it directly to your own customers online or in market. There is no worry about other disturbing work again after receiving this product. Besides, if you want to screen printing your own logos and names, which is totally fine for certain amounts. For example, JWX has a deal with us for a good amount, so we screen print their logo on it for wholesale.




Finally, this metal pegboard standing bookshelves for organizing in-home office comes to people, here are some production processes like punching holes on the panels and shelves, trying the metal basket and hooks loading experiments, sampling survey of some products, and packing them with one instruction sheet in the workshop.   Garage workshop tool organizers or storage standing shelves are also popular. Anyway, there are too many ways of using it to explain with details, just imagine it. Last but not the least, there are a total of 12 products with 6 sizes on white and black separately. If you have better ideas for improving them, please do not hesitate to contact us.





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