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Galvanized Watering Can for Outdoor Plants With Removable Spout Perfect Metal Watering Can For Indoor Plants And Garden Flower

Quick Details
Product Name Watering Can
Dimension T:24CM,B:18CM,H:33CM
Color Grey / Customization
Material Galvanized Metal
Finish Powder Coated
Price Range US $ 2.8~4.8
Certificate BSCI/ISO9001
Approxi Delivery Time 15-20 Days
  • OEM & ODM
  • Customization:
  • Logo, Graphic, Packing, Product Size, Carton Size, etc

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Watering Plants: The primary use of a garden watering can is to water plants in a garden or outdoor space. It provides a controlled and targeted flow of water that can be directed at the base of plants to ensure proper hydration. Whether it's flowers, vegetables, herbs, or potted plants, a watering can is an essential tool for maintaining healthy and thriving vegetation.

Seedling and Transplant Care: When caring for delicate seedlings or recently transplanted plants, a gentle and precise water source is necessary. A watering can with a fine rose or nozzle attachment allows for a soft and even distribution of water, preventing damage to young plants and promoting their healthy growth.




Place of Origin:

Guangdong, China

Brand Name:

Grand Jetfame / By Customer's Request

Model Number:



Packaging Details 1piece/carton

Supply Ability:

50000 Piece/Pieces per Month



Galvanized Watering Can for Outdoor Plants with Removable Spout, Perfect Metal Watering Can for Indoor Plants and Garden Flower

Indoor Plant Care: Garden watering cans are not limited to outdoor use. They are also practical for watering houseplants or indoor gardens. With their smaller size and easy maneuverability, watering cans provide a convenient option for indoor plant care, ensuring that plants receive the right amount of water without creating a mess.

Container Gardening: In container gardening, where plants are grown in pots or containers, a watering can is an ideal tool for watering. The long spout of the watering can allows water to reach deep into the pots while minimizing the risk of overwatering or causing soil erosion. It provides precise control and prevents water from splashing onto other surfaces.

Children's Gardening: Gardening can be a fun and educational activity for children. A garden watering can is a suitable tool for involving children in the process of plant care. Its manageable size and lightweight nature make it easy for children to handle. They can actively participate in watering plants, developing their responsibility and nurturing skills.

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