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In winter, people are likely to chat with their family members in front of the fireplace, and if your friends come for you, you could spend free time over there as well. So in winter, most everyone loves to spend time in front of the fireside. To build a warm and comfortable environment, except for a nice fireplace, people also need a set of fireplace accessories. A log holder, a metal ash bucket, and tools for collecting ash and waste inside the fireside. Although now is summer, purchasers in companies always contact GJF for buying a large number of metal ash buckets in the coming winter.


GJF has already designed several types of metal ash buckets, and INNO STAGE finds us for taking one of them this winter. Actually, this classic ash bucket has been produced for several years, and people could easily find it on amazon, e-bay, and other online stores. Ash buckets are made of galvanized metal with handles, and buckets with lids are good for fireplaces, fire pits, and wood-burning stoves. This bucket has a comfortable grip and it is a thick, sturdy barrel. The INNO STAGE requires the size of the bucket to be 12 inches in width, 17 inches in height, and 19.5 inches in height in total when lifting up the whole bucket. We considered it a suitable size for household, and the galvanized Matt black powder coated material is safe enough to extend longer service life. Besides, the inclined entry design is gorgeous for not slipping off. Our customer company indicates the safety most, so the handle is designed with a wooden handle, which is anti-slip and also keeps human hands from burns. What’s more, the sealed lids are as safe as possible, that it could keep the ash inside the metal bucket from going outside after cleaning the burning charcoal waste. The other method for using this metal bucket is to transfer and contain stuff in daily life. How useful this metal ash bucket is! That is the reason why the market likes it, and also why the INNO STAGE store will come for us years after years. Grand Jetfame Manufactory uses quality to convince the whole market.


Since this product has met the market for lots of years, there must be some comments from the consumers in the market. One of the consumers thought it a definitely great purchase, as he even did not realize how much they had used it. Many consumers talked that the characters printed on the metal bucket gives it a bit of whimsy, which is nice. Another consumer also said she would come back for another purchase, but actually, this bucket is made well so that she might not have the chance for buying again. Grand Jetfame Metalwork Manufactory is confident about this metal fireside bucket, even if we know there would be a good comment on the product, we still feel so happy for the positive comments. However, Grand Jetfame will not be self-satisfied, so if you have any ideas for improving, do not hesitate to contact us. We are modest to listen to everyone all around the world.


Grand Jetfame Metalware Manufactory has a history of more than 30 years, and we are professional metalware makers, especially metal buckets. There is no doubt that GJF is one of the best metal bucket makers in the whole of China. We keep learning and studying, and we try to use better techniques to build a brighter life. We devote ourselves to developing and making the best products for our customers. Although the metal bucket series like fireplace buckets, ice buckets, metal containers, etc, are perfect and mature producing, GJF also infers other metal products aspects like pets care, kitchen utensils, home collecting and cleaning, and so on. People are more likely to cooperate with an experienced manufactory right? So come and talk with us by email at cynthia.luo@grandjetfame.com, and also go to browse our official website for more details on metal products at www.grandjetfame.com.




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