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It is the hot summer nowadays, but do not forget to get ready for cozy winter nights. These words should be understood by every businessman who wants to start a wholesale business. Grand Jetfame is good at producing metalware products like metal ash buckets, metal planters, metal ice buckets, etc. There are more than 30 years of exporting metal products of Grand Jetfame Metalware Manufactory. People are more likely to find GJF to make metalware, especially metal fireside accessories. The year before, there have been various antique ash buckets exported, like pewter, matt black, and galvanized finish buckets, which made a perfect fireside accessory to complement any home last several years.

Besides, there are other types of metalware fireside accessories in Grand Jetfame. For example, log baskets made in steel are also star products in GJF, which are also a convenient way to store people’s logs ready to burn on the fireside or stove at home to get warm. People are recommended to use metalware because sturdy steel is a durable material, as well as helps you create a happy and warm welcoming glow. What’s more, except for a useful galvanized bucket, there is also something necessary. For example, a poker, dustpan, brush, and so on. Our cool take on a traditional essence, and even a small fireside needs accessory tools that will sit neatly by the fire and enable you to keep the fire stoked and the fireside tidy.

Some special fireplace accessories include metal match holders, a metal car with wheels, and so on. However, no matter if you want to get some helpers for your home fireplace, or if you are looking for a gift for the designed fire maker in your or your friends’ houses. This could be a very hard but necessary job every winter. No worries, just give the hard-thinking problem to GJF. We have found the most popular and necessary set for wholesalers and even customers in the market. This set is the basis for household fireplaces, from stylish log buckets and ash holders to keep the environment tidy and clean. It also could be a practical log carrier for safe transportation, and kindling crackers for easy chopping. This selection of fireplace accessories includes a brush, a shovel, and a size-fitted metal bucket with a slot for placing small pieces, the brush, and the shovel. This round shape is the standard and the beautiful simple shape makes it much more bearable to watch.

metal fireplace bucket


This year, the cooperator Jianli in Suzhou reorders the set as usual years. But they have the new changes in the bucket: the slot on the bucket body is asked to add, although there is a new adjustment with a little improvement on the price of each metal bucket, the final price of a metal bucket could have a huge improvement. Besides, the brush and the shovel could be placed in the slot when being used, but the package of the whole set is not that large as the brush and shovel could be placed inside the metal bucket. The final size of the package is less than 19cm of the maximum length, which is easy for transportation and is suitable for selling on Amazon. Jianli agrees with this setting and is happy to order this set this year. The set of the metal bucket with the long holder shovel and brush has great advantages of heat bearing with the color of burly wood. However, the first sample is returned to GJF since the shovel scratches the inline of the metal bucket. So we have improved the whole set of metalware accessories before the high-volume order.


metal fireplace bucket

metal fireplace bucket

The winter is coming soon, and we are busy producing the metalware these days for this year. If your want to order the metal accessories and get them as soon as possible, please do not hesitate to talk with us and start your business.

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