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While thinking of winter, there must be some appearing products in your mind. To make your some heat and to make your household circumstance warm and happy, every family tends to have a fireside inside their house. No matter the house is large or not, it is necessary for people to prepare a fireside for getting into the suitable temperature. There must be some fireplace accessories like fire-pit ash buckets. Grand Jetfame likes to share designs and perfect metal products with customers all over the world.

Grand Jetfame has a familiar customer in the Philippines, and they have the brand called Smedley & York. They have worked with GJF for selling metal ash bucket set in winter. They reorder the classical metal ash bucket each year, which is the set of a black ash bucket with lid, and includes a shovel and broom. This 2 gallon fireplace metal ash bucket could be used for containing logs, coals, pellets, chunks and even the waste ash from the fireplace. The accessories in the set are the 11-inch brush, 13-inch shovel and the 15-inch-height metal bucket.


How Could The Set Be Used?

This metal ash bucket can keep your household fireplace clean and tidy by collecting wood burning ash with brush and shovel. The sweeper is sturdy and the shovel is wide together with the bucket per purchase. The lid is tight-fitting and is of great advantage that ash and waste would not splash out easily. Besides, Grand Jetfame only makes complete and high quality metal products, so there are no worries about the quality and the appearance. This galvanized metal ash bucket also has a solid iron handle with the wooden grip, and the grip could stay your hands away from the heat. What’s more, the capacity is normal for a daily use, which is large enough to hold the daily waste and the space is good for storing stuffs beside the fireplace after winter. If you take a glance at the metal bucket, you may be curious about the slot, which is the special  design for the shovel and brush. With these metal fireplace accessories, your fire stove could be no embers, dispose and burning debris. The whole set is not suitable for indoor fireplace cleaning, but also good for outdoor use like storing pellets or charcoal to your destination. As a result, getting one set could be enough for household use and outdoor activities beside the grills and fire pits. Last but not the least, several colors of the metal ash buckets are available, like black, galvanized, gray or even white. Grand Jetfame could make the metal ash bucket a good interior decors as well.


How Do Customers Think of This Metal Bucket?

As what we have said, Grand Jetfame has been doing this metal ash bucket set for years and is making them these days as well, this metal ash bucket set met the market before, so people in the market might have some advice or some thoughts to these metal bucket set. According to the data from Amazon, over 75% of the customers who  have ever bought them gave the positive reactions and feedback. Some of them think, this ash bucket set is as advertised, which is easy used and could fit well. It arrived on time and works well, and the size is also suitable. People are willing to take this to visit their friends at Christmas and as a Christmas gift. However, there are also some voices about the disadvantages, for example, the top fits fine but this could take it from being good to being great.

As you can see, products have both positive feedback and some ways for improving, so it is a good idea for wholesalers to purchase the products that have ever sold in the market, as you can see the data and reactions from the market to decide the final products from Grand Jetfame Manufactory, which means the good parts could be better and the place needs to be improved could pay more attention to. So if you are going to start your business, and you are finding a good metalware manufactory, please come to us and have a talk with the metalware products or even the draft or an idea are welcomed. If you want to cooperate with a professional metalware manufactory, your inquires are warmly welcomed. So do not hesitate to contact us with the email: cynthia.luo@grandjetfame.com and welcome to browse our website on www.grandjetfame.com .

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