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What do you need the most for your new home?

Today we all get fashionable ideas for decorating our new house, I am talking about soft decoration certainly, which means going to some stores or shopping online for your furniture. People in North America like the USA, and Canada, try to get something beautiful to decorate their new house. It could be the study desks in the studying room, the cabinet in the kitchen, the metal planters and gardening beds in the backyard, etc. Except for these, people would also like to buy some decorations like metal They will go to Home sense, Home Goods, Home Depot, or Canada Tire in North America, and go to Tesco, Notcutts, and H&M Home in the UK.

Why do people choose GJF for OEM of their products?

GJF is a historical metalware manufactory with 30 plus experience. Companies all around the world are likely to order their products in GJF. Grand Jetfame does best in making metal buckets like fireplace ash buckets, galvanized planters, metal ice buckets, metal storage containers, etc. GJF has so many cooperative partners like Jessar, Kenny, Hobby Lobby in North America, and JVL, Relaxday in Europe. There are also many other stores and online shops on Amazon, and Wayfair purchasing metalware products from us. So we are popular among all these furniture stores, especially the place selling fireplace accessories.


As one of the most professional metalwork manufactory, Grand Jetfame always does the best among customers’ reviews and believes in the four core points of our company culture: principle, cohesion, innovation, and involvement. Grand Jetfame has the principal in the office, if you have ever been here, you will find the characters just right below our manager's office and the largest employees’ office: Passions, Creativity, Persistence, and Sharing, which are throughout the whole development of our cognitive performance. Employees should have a passion for making every product. Development can’t leave creativity alone, and also keep going is needed. Share all the ideas together and discuss them for more improvement. Afterward, GJF would be better and better. Secondly, Connotation is necessary for a successful and sustainable company.GJF devotes itself to helping you and it shows in the care we take in serving our friends and making a difference worldwide every time reaching collaborative agreements. GJF’s company culture also includes cohesion: A better site selection ensures our employees’ comfortable work environment, then they could be more likely to deliver happiness to you. GJF has ever changed place twice, and each selection is a better and larger factory.


How do GJF’s products according to customers?

Due to customers’ trust, GJF develops not only the areas but also the skills and efficiency. Last but not the least, Involvement is the key point of an improving company.

The exhibition hall is exquisitely designed and decorated with by-products we produce. The aim of it is to make every product integrate with the circumstance, for example, look at a galvanized metal ash bucket, you never know what this product could be used for. What if GJF puts the metal ash bucket in front of the fireplace inside the showroom. Clearly, you will see, and one of the ways being used could be described by your eyes. On the other hand, GJF sets up several scenes where customers could use our metal products.

Where Could I buy these products?

GJF has various types of metal products in different series like for entertainment, there are metal ice buckets, and metal bottle holders for outside activities like picnics and barbecues. Besides, GJF’s best seller belongs to Home&Garden. There are lots of choices for gardening lovers, the newest metal planter, both practical and decorative, and the gorgeous galvanized watering can. Metal organizers, metal containers, metal candle holders, or even the products your pets use could be made of metal. So wholesalers like to cooperate with Grand Jetfame, as they could feel relieved when orders were given to Grand Jetfame. All in all, purchasers from all over the world are warmly welcomed. Grand Jetfame’s products are popular among the world of our qualities and sustainability. We are devoted to helping each other. Do not hesitate to contact us at www.grandjetfame.com to browse the products, or you can directly email me for any problems at cynthia.luo@grandjetfame.com.

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